Nintendo’s New OLED Switch Is a Small but Punchy Upgrade

by Philip Alexander
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Nintendo has just announced the release of their newest console, the OLED Switch. The system is set to launch on October 8th, 2021, and while it may not be a massive overhaul of the original Switch, it is a small but punchy upgrade that is sure to excite fans of the popular gaming system.

The most notable change in the new OLED Switch is, of course, the screen. As the name suggests, the console now features a 7-inch OLED display, which is a significant improvement over the original’s 6.2-inch LCD screen. OLED displays are known for their deep blacks and vibrant colors, which should make games look even more impressive on the new system. The resolution of the OLED screen is the same as the original Switch, which means it’s not quite as high as some other modern displays, but the OLED technology should make up for this in other ways.

Another significant improvement is the console’s audio. The new OLED Switch features enhanced speakers, which should provide more immersive sound when playing games in handheld mode. This is a much-welcomed change, as the original Switch’s speakers were somewhat underwhelming. There’s also a new adjustable stand on the back of the console, which will make it easier to find the perfect viewing angle when playing on a tabletop.

Perhaps most excitingly, the new OLED Switch features double the internal storage of the original console, with 64GB of space available. This means players will have more room to store games and other content without having to rely on external storage options. It’s a small but significant change that should make the overall user experience more convenient.

The OLED Switch also features a few smaller upgrades, such as a redesigned dock that includes a wired LAN port for faster and more stable internet connections, and improved processing power for faster load times and smoother gameplay. These changes may not be as noticeable as the screen or audio improvements, but they should still make for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

It’s worth noting that the OLED Switch is not a “Switch Pro” or a full-blown upgrade to the original console. While it features some notable improvements, it’s still very much the same system at its core. However, this doesn’t make the new console any less exciting for fans of the Switch. The OLED Switch is an excellent option for those who have been waiting to upgrade from the original console or for newcomers to the Switch lineup. It’s also worth noting that the OLED Switch will cost $50 more than the original Switch, which may be a consideration for some consumers.

Nintendo’s decision to release the OLED Switch now makes sense in light of the recent boom in gaming popularity during the pandemic. With more people staying home and looking for ways to pass the time, video game sales have skyrocketed in the past year. The OLED Switch is sure to be a hot ticket item during the holiday season, as fans of the console will likely be eager to get their hands on the new and improved system.

In conclusion, the OLED Switch is a small but punchy upgrade to Nintendo’s already popular gaming console. The improved screen and audio, increased storage, and other small upgrades make for a more enjoyable gaming experience overall. While it may not be a massive overhaul of the original Switch, it’s still an exciting release for fans of the console and a great option for newcomers looking to get into the Switch lineup. The OLED Switch is set to release on October 8th, and it will be interesting to see how it performs in the coming months.

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